From Teachers & Leaders in Education:

‘In September, 2019, we initiated the implementation of 400 hours of Wellbeing in St. Angela's College. The Nurture 4 Wellbeing Programme was a vital component in this. Our Junior Cycle students have benefited enormously from the Nurture programme. We have also noticed a marked decrease in junior students requiring assistance and intervention at Deputy Principal and Principal level. They have quickly learned to self-manage, proactively engage in self-care and are thriving as a result. The feedback from parents and students alike has been overwhelmingly positive.’

Pat Curran, Principal, St. Angela’s College, Cork.

‘I was most impressed with Team Nurture’s Junior Cycle Wellbeing Programme from the off. 
Student wellbeing is now more important than ever before and Team Nurture’s Programme makes the facilitation of this in the classroom context almost seamless for teachers.  The programme has been devised by classroom teachers for classroom teachers. The programme can be easily adjusted to become bespoke to any individual school’s context.  In a context of change and challenges in schools today, Team Nurture’s Wellbeing Programme and resources take the worry out of planning and saves time.’ 

Mary Gilmore, Deputy Principal and Chairperson of The Network of School Planners Ireland.

‘Thanks so much for all your hard work, putting so much valuable time and effort into this! It’s wonderful!’

Patricia Dooley, Scoil Mhuire, Ennistymon, Co. Clare.

‘Just messaging quickly to say how amazing they (your resources) are. Really, really enjoying using it.’

Carys Johnson, Glanmire Community College, Cork.

‘Thank you so much for this amazing programme. The course is beautifully laid out and resourced making it a pleasure to teach. It adhered to the curriculum requirements as well as providing amazing and fun learning activities that were thoroughly enjoyed by all.  My students are excited about continuing the programme next year, as am I! Well done and I look forward to next year's course.’ 

Shelly Whelan, Teacher, St. Angela’s College, Cork.

‘As a school we invested in the Nurture 4 Wellbeing Programme this year for all our Junior Cycle students. It has proved an invaluable resource for all wellbeing teachers in our school, covering subjects such as meditation, study skills, gratitude, overcoming challenges and many more, all linked to the wellbeing indicators. The programme provides detailed subject plans, class plans for every lesson, PowerPoints with student journals available to purchase separately also. All of these resources can be easily adapted to suit each schools' individual needs if necessary and it has cut down considerably on teachers' workloads. With the move to online learning recently, these resources have become even more useful and appropriate. I would highly recommend the Nurture 4 Wellbeing programme for all wellbeing teachers.’ 

Mary, Teacher, Co. Galway.

'As a new young teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed using the Nurture 4 Wellbeing programme in my school. From the outset, I noticed an instant increase in participation levels. Active learning, group work and student feedback were always carefully tailored to every lesson. I highly recommend this excellent programme.'

Gráinne Ní Mhaoileoin, St. Vincent's Castleknock College, Castleknock, Dublin 15.

'As a new teacher, I highly recommend the Nurture 4 Wellbeing programme. It aligns seamlessly with the Junior Cycle wellbeing indicators and curriculum while also offering extremely engaging and well-structured active lessons that excite students. The programme addresses all six wellbeing indicators and promotes the holistic development of students. It seamlessly integrates with the curriculum, enhancing student learning across subjects and empowering them apply wellbeing practices across various aspects of their lives. The programme's dynamic and active lessons foster enthusiasm and empower students to take ownership of their learning and wellbeing. The Nurture 4 Wellbeing programme provides comprehensive lesson plans, instructional resources, and assessment tools that guide teachers in delivering impactful, curriculum driven lessons. This structured approach not only saves valuable time for teachers, but also enables us to focus on our students' individual needs and foster meaningful connections with our students. Overall, it has been truly transformative, and has helped to create a positive and vibrant classroom environment. I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow teachers seeking to provide a holistic and enriching learning experience.'

Kate Lynch, St. Angela's College, Cork.

'Just wanted to say thanks for delivering our order before the start of the school year, I have used your PowerPoints in class for the last 2 weeks and find your lessons notes etc really geared towards first years settling into a new school. Well done, it's a super resource for Wellbeing teachers.'

 Helen Lynn, Glenamaddy Community School, Co. Galway.

From Students:

This year I felt like wellbeing was a very helpful, happy and safe environment. Nina, 1st Year

I enjoyed the meditation as it helps with relaxation and makes a very calming environment. I liked making study timetables as it helped me organise my activities and use my time better. It really helped me with my exams.’ Charlotte, 2nd Year

‘I enjoyed the mental health lesson because they told us that it's ok not to be ok and to always talk to someone.’ Faye, 1st Year

Meditation classes - I thought they were beneficial especially in an exam year. They allowed a break and a chance to switch off during the school day.Abbie, 3rd Year

Watching Inside Out because it helped to understand different emotions and how to manage them.’ Faye, 1st Year

I loved wellbeing this year it was so interesting and I learned a lot of useful skills.’ Amy, 1st Year

When we wrote compliments about each other on pages. I liked this because it was a nice class bonding activity and I think that everyone was happy leaving the class.Michelle, 1st Year

Making a study plan was useful and motivated me.’ Isabel, 2nd Year


From Parents:

'Through the Nurture 4 Wellbeing programme Grace has found the transition to secondary school much easier than we both anticipated. Moving classrooms and organising books and her locker were made easier due to the orientation facilitated in the programme. She got to know her classmates quickly through the ice breakers and had fun along the way as the structured games were a benefit to her. The guidance for study and understanding what type of learner she is also helped her to apply herself to new learning methods, for example CBA’s, she found the programme guided her through this new ground. Thank you for adding this to the curriculum especially for first year when the girls are taken out of their comfort zone and forging new paths which is always a stressful time, it is a great settling in programme.'

'Sarah found this programme very helpful. It helped her to manage her CBA’s and also helped organise her study plan for her exams. Sarah also enjoyed the mediation which she found helpful for clearing her head.'

'My daughter has become a lot more comfortable in secondary school because of the wellbeing programme. It has made the transition from primary to secondary school easier and she has developed skills in organisation that have helped with being less stressed.'

'Nurture 4 Wellbeing was engaging and provided a support for transitioning into first year as well as tips to alleviate stress, how to organise subjects, study and most importantly to enjoy the school community.'

'Ema enjoyed having wellbeing classes, especially how to study effectively depending on the type of learner you are, we think it was very helpful.'

'The wellbeing programme helped with skills on organising study schedules and it’s a great class to bond with classmates.'

‘From a parent’s perspective, I felt that the Nurture 4 Wellbeing programme was crucial in helping my daughter to cope with all the changes and challenges that come with starting Secondary school. As a student, my daughter found Organisational and Study skills hugely beneficial.’

‘My daughter found the program beneficial, helping her to develop skills in resilience and dealing with stress. Thank you!’

‘My daughter was excited about starting secondary school and naturally apprehensive about what to expect. There was a lot to adjust to between early morning start, new bus trip, working out timing on getting to the bus on time before and after school, navigating the school itself, getting to class on time, having the right textbooks from the lockers, remembering what to bring home and indeed bring in to school. There was also the meeting of her new classmates, getting to know them and finding her way through developing the friendships she made and meeting all her new teachers and getting to know what they expect of her. It seems to me there were discussions and encouragement around all of these elements along with guidance and feedback from the teachers on her progress and areas to work on. She felt they were approachable and there if she needed anything. All in all a very successful transition into secondary school with her being very happy at her new school.’

‘My daughter got on very well with the Nurture 4 Wellbeing programme, it is great that the school introduced this program to nurture students.’