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Wellbeing in Junior Cycle

The Nurture 4 Wellbeing Programme is in line with the Junior Cycle Wellbeing Guidelines and has grown from our teaching of Wellbeing in our own classrooms. We have experienced first-hand the hugely positive and far-reaching impact teaching Wellbeing has had, both on our students and on ourselves as teachers. In order to ensure optimum use of teachers’ valuable time, peak performance in the classroom and high levels of student learning and engagement, we have developed a tried-and-tested method of delivering Wellbeing in schools that we know works effectively. 

Meeting Latest Requirements

We are delighted to bring schools this new comprehensive Wellbeing Teaching Pack which will help teachers to deliver their Wellbeing lessons with ease and help schools to take a step towards reaching the requirement of delivering 400 hours of Wellbeing.

In line with Department of Education & Skills requirements and NCCA guidelines, we have developed several options to show you how a school can reach 400 hours of Wellbeing! 

These options include the Nurture 4 Wellbeing Programme, along with other subjects areas such as PE, SPHE and CSPE.

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Nurture 4 Wellbeing in Action